GxmingNxtion Discord

Hello people, this is our discord server's website. This is where all the information will be stored for everything! We will still be posting all the information on the discord, but this will be our main source of information. so making sure to keep up to date with this page.


Saturaday Oct. 7th - Gaming Event (Minecraft) 6PM EST Saturday Oct. th - Movie Night (Any) 8PM EST Friday Oct. 13th - Movie Night (Friday the 13th Movie) 8PM EST Saturday Oct. 14th - Gaming Event (Any indie game) 5PM EST Friday Oct. 20th - Gaming Event (Roblox or Minecraft) 6PM EST Saturday Oct. 21st - Movie (Any) 7PM EST Friday Oct. 27th - Gaming Event (Any) 5PM EST Tuesday Oct. 31st - Movie (Halloween) 6:30PM EST